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Name:Doctor Who 'verse Cosplay & Costuming Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Costuming and cosplay as inspired by Doctor Who and associated spin-offs.
At the moment, this is the mirror for dw_cosplay on LJ.

As the name suggests, this community is for and about cosplaying and costuming the British sci-fi show Doctor Who and relevant spin-offs. Feel free to discuss costume ideas, brag up costumes you've made, look for help with current projects, share nifty sources for replica celery, etc. All the maintainers ask is that you read the rules before joining or reading or posting to or replying to the community, and then please follow them.

Consider visiting our sibling community, [profile] dw_classic_cos if you're looking for a space focusing on the First through Eighth Doctors, along with their companions, guest stars, villains, and aliens.

News 12/30/11 - The Backup Plan, Lest LJ Goes *Poof*

Regardless of what happens to LiveJournal, the URL will always point to the home of the community - whether it's on LJ, or if we're forced by circumstances to move to another place, such as DreamWidth or similar. We suggest members simply use this URL as their route to the community...

The Rules

1. This is a community for discussing Doctor Who cosplay and costuming - yes, both, for those of you who discern a difference between the two. The community is concerned with the entire 40+ year history of the show. Cosplay-talk about Doctor Who (Classic and New), Torchwood, Class and The Sarah Jane Adventures is cheerfully encouraged. Discouraged is anything off-topic. There are many other communities on LJ for discussion of topics that are not DW/TW/SJA/Class costuming and cosplay.

2. When posting, please be polite and play nice with each other. The community maintainers decide what constitutes as nice. Spirited discussion is okay - name-calling and sh*t-stirring is not.

2.5 (Added 2/2/13) Making a post in which you declare you have a super-special seeeeecret source for something (be it fabric, clothing or whatever) and you're not going to share it with anyone, for whatever reason, has been declared a violation of the spirit of this community and the "Play Nice" rule. If you want to keep a secret, don't brag up that you have a secret in the first place.

3. Please use tags with your posts. You can find a list of all of the community tags and the entries using them in our tag archive.

3.5 If your first post to this community is something along the lines of "I'm looking for..." or "Can someone identify..." please check the tag archive, first - that link will lead you to a list of all of our tags and the entries using them. After the first twenty "Which Diesel jacket is Rose wearing in episode...?" type posts, the thrill rather wears off answering such queries.

4. If posting pictures, please put all pix after the first behind a cut tag. If you don't know how to create a cut-tag, read this.

Also, here's a quick lesson. Imagine that this is your post:

Some text and the first picture.

< lj-cut >

Rest of text and any other pictures.

< /lj-cut >

Remove the blank spaces between the angle < > brackets, hit the Save button, and you're done. :)

4.5 For that first picture before the cut-tag, please don't post anything wider than 400 pixels. Anything wider than that could screw up a user's friends' page and that's always aggravating for them. Many of the members read the comm via their flist, so this is important!

5. This is not a how-to-sew community for beginning sewers. If you have never sewn anything before and you're looking for tips on how to get started, we suggest you visit [personal profile] costuming and [community profile] sewing. Questions on intermediate and advanced techniques and tailoring will be accepted, as long as they're clearly relevant to Doctor Who cosplay and are tagged appropriately ("technique").

6. Any episode of the current on-air season or speculations about upcoming episodes must be placed under an LJ cut tag; this includes photos and discussion. Please put Spoilers in the subject line to alert other readers. And please use the spoilers or spoiler tag, as well.

7. NO sales posts of any kind are permitted, with very few exceptions. NO Ebay or Etsy links to current items are allowed. See below in the Sales Rules for more information.

8. All posts and replies must be in English.

9. You must be a member of the community to post or reply. (Updated 8/2012.)

9a. Anyone can see posts from as of 11/27/16, but you still need to be a member to post/reply. (NEW as of Nov. 27th, 2016.)

10. The Maintainers will not accept "But I didn't know!" as an excuse for breaking the community's rules. If you consistently break the rules, you will be booted and banned.

11. The community mods are not the copyright police. Cosplay can be an intellectual-copyright grey area and we have no desire to go wading in that quagmire.

12. (Added 5/29/13) All fund-raising posts must be approved by the maintainers before the post is made on the community. Posts made without pre-approval will be deleted.


Policy re: Selling Items On This Community - UPDATED, 6/26/12

NO active sales posts of any kind are permitted.

If you have something to sell, or wish to point out a link to something for sale (even if it's not your item), please post it on [profile] dwcosplay_sales, a community made specifically for that purpose. You must join there to post there.

To be clear. A sales post includes any of the following and these are not allowed:

a) current Ebay links (and current links on any other auction sites)

b) direct sales posts

c) third-party sales

d) private message (PM) sales

e) posting of sales with send me an offer

f) current Etsy links (NEW! as of 6/26/12)

What is ALLOWED:

a) Links to expired sales (1st or 3rd party) - to be used as reference material - are still okay. This includes Ebay and other auction sites, and Etsy.

b) Group Run postings (for interest/sign-ups/updates) are okay.

c) Retailer postings are okay. (Examples: WhoNA offering Sonic Screwdriver toys on sale, Macy's offering a new alt. find shirt for Eleven, an ID'ed item like screen used boots at the All Saints site for Clara.)

d) Retail bespoke tailoring posts (heads up for new items or sales) are okay. (Examples: Baron offering a new 7th Doctor jacket, Magnoli offering a new 4th Doctor jacket, cosplaysky offering a new 11th Doctor coat, etc.)

**If you find an ID to a screen used off-the-shelf item and it's only available/found on ebay (no retailer active link) then please either wait until the auction is ended to post OR post the relevant make/brand/style details (preferably with pictures) only. Comm members will know how to use google and Ebay on their own to search from there if need be. OR you can post it, along with other sales posts, on [profile] dwcosplay_sales ; please read the rules before posting. Also, anyone posting there will have to join the comm.

When [profile] dwcosplay_sales was created, the ultimate intention was to transition all selling posts over there so, in many ways, this change is long overdue.

This policy is effective November 13th, 2011. From this point forward, any posts listing items currently for sale will be deleted by the mods.



This community favors Tags over Memories, as they're much easier to sort, and the Memories feature has a history of going off-line, which is quite irritating.

You can find a list of the tags in use and the entries using them here - or just take a look at the sidebar on the community's page.

News! - On 1/15/09 we introduced a new form of tag specifically for posts made by folks who are looking for a particular item associated with a specific character, such as a certain jacket worn by Rose. The format is: in search of - character name. If you are looking for something in particular, please check this tag list first, as someone else might have made the same inquiry in the past and gotten a good answer - thus saving you some time and a redundant post! Please use this tag, as needed!

In Search Of...
In Search Of - Ten
In Search Of - Six
In Search Of - Five
In Search Of - Ace
In search of - Donna
In Search of - Gwen
In Search of - Ianto
In Search of - Jack Harkness
In Search of - Jenny
In Search Of - Martha
In Search Of - Rose

Other tags for companions and Doctors not mentioned above are or will be or have been added, as the need arises.


Costume Breakdowns and Memories

[profile] honorarydoctor and [profile] wulfae have put together some excellent reference posts for specific Doctor costumes. They have been added to the community memories, but are listed here, for your convenience.

First Doctor
Second Doctor
Third Doctor
Fourth Doctor
Fifth Doctor
Sixth Doctor
Sixth Doctor Ultimate Adventure Varient
Seventh Doctor
Eighth Doctor
Ninth Doctor
Tenth Doctor (Updated!)
Eleventh Doctor Series 5 (Updated)
Eleventh Doctor Series 6

1975 "Revenge" Cyberman
1967 "Tomb" Cyberman
1976 "Deadly Assassin" Master
D84 DUM Class VOC Robot

Doctor Shirt Question Mark Graphics
General Doctors Addendum

Many other costume breakdowns for Doctors, Companions, Guest Stars, and Various Beings can be found below:

Ace's M1 Bomber Jacket patches and pins breakdown by [profile] warmcanofcoke
Ace's M1 Bomber Jacket Breakdown

Amelia Pond S5 breakdown by [profile] wicked0witch
Amelia Pond S5

Amy Pond Kissogram breakdown by [profile] batpryde1
Amy Pond Kissogram

Amy Pond S5 breakdown (new) by [profile] rose_thebadwolf
Amy Pond S5 Breakdown
(Includes young Amelia Pond as well.)

Amy Pond Season 5 breakdown (older) by [profile] wicked0witch
Amy Pond breakdown Season 5

Amy Pond, some S5 and some S6 breakdowns by [profile] another_myself
some Season Five and some Season Six breakdowns

Amy Pond, armor for The Girl Who Waited by [profile] lisahpg
armor look for The Girl Who Waited

Amy Pond S6 partial breakdown by [personal profile] cloudysky

Amy Pond partial S6 breakdown by [personal profile] cloudysky
LKH, TGWW, and Night Terrors

Amy Pond S6 breakdown by [profile] thirteenkats
Amy Pond S6 breakdown

Amy Pond Season 7 breakdown by [profile] iceandlime
Amy Pond S7 breakdown

Amy Pond Tights/Leggings breakdown by [profile] alisseia
Amy Pond's Tights breakdown

Clara Season 7 breakdown by [profile] rose_thebadwolf
Clara S7 breakdown

another Clara breakdown by [profile] mp1011007
another Clara breakdown

Dodo Chaplet's outfit from The Celestial Toymaker, breakdown by [profile] honorarydoctor
mod 60s dress from The Celestial Toymaker

Donna Noble Breakdown by [profile] rose_thebadwolf
Donna Noble Breakdown

Idris, in The Doctor's Wife, breakdown by [profile] maypanic
Idris outfit from The Doctor's Wife

Captain Jack Harkness breakdown by [profile] estelofimladris
Captain Jack Harkness

Jackie Tyler Breakdown by [profile] rose_thebadwolf
Jackie Tyler breakdown

Jamie McCrimmon General Breakdown by [profile] vann
Jamie McCrimmon's Various Costumes

Liz Shaw, in The Silurians, breakdown by [profile] penwiper337
Liz Shaw outfit from The Silurians

Martha Jones S3 signature look breakdown by [profile] bluetooth16
Martha S3 signature look breakdown

Martha Jones S3 signature look for boots, jewelry, and The Lazarus Experiment, 42, and Blink by [profile] bluetooth16
Martha S3 signature look breakdown, pt.2 including TLE, 42, and Blink

Missy in Season 8 breakdown by [personal profile] britgeekgrrl
Missy S8 breakdown

Oswin Oswald's belt reference post for Asylum of the Daleks by [profile] hewtab
Oswin's belt in AotD

River Song, Seasons Four through Seven breakdown by [profile] rose_thebadwolf
River Song breakdown for S4 to S7

Romana I, in The Armageddon Factor, breakdown by [profile] penwiper337
Romana I outfit from The Armageddon Factor

Rory Williams breakdown by [profile] rose_thebadwolf
Rory Williams breakdown

Rose Tyler S1 breakdown, Part One by [profile] rose_thebadwolf
Rose Tyler's S1 breakdown, Pt. 1

Rose Tyler S1 breakdown, Part Two by [profile] rose_thebadwolf
Rose Tyler's S1 breakdown, Pt. 2

Rose Tyler in "The Christmas Invasion" breakdown by [profile] rose_thebadwolf
Rose Tyler in TCI breakdown

Rose Tyler Season Two breakdown by [profile] rose_thebadwolf

Season Two, Part One is here:
Rose Tyler, Series 2, Pt. 1 breakdown

Season Two, Part Two is here:
Rose Tyler, Series 2, Pt. 2 breakdown

Season Two, Part Three is here:
Rose Tyler, Series 2, Pt. 3 breakdown

Rose Tyler in “Partners in Crime/Midnight/Turn Left/The Stolen Earth/Journey's End/The End of Time” breakdown by [profile] rose_thebadwolf
Rose Tyler Series 4 & Specials breakdown

Rose Tyler aka The Moment Interface in "The Day of the Doctor" breakdown by [profile] rose_thebadwolf
Rose in TDotD

Sarah Jane Smith from "The Sarah Jane Adventures" partial breakdown
by [personal profile] azarsuerte
SJS in SJA partial breakdown

Susan Foreman breakdown by [profile] umpteenthdoctor
Susan Foreman breakdown

The Eleventh Doctor's Season 5 props and pocket props by [profile] gussgriswold
Eleven Series 5 Props and Pocket Props

The Tenth Doctor's Season 2 shirt and tie breakdown by [personal profile] bellanut
Ten Series 2 shirt & tie breakdown

The Tenth Doctor's Season 3 shirt & tie breakdown by [profile] newtypeblue
Ten Series 3 shirt & tie breakdown

The Tenth Doctor's Series 4 and the Specials shirt & tie breakdown by [profile] mackofthedead
Ten Series 4 and Specials shirt & tie breakdown

The Tenth Doctor's Ties, another breakdown by [personal profile] unfolded73
Ten's Ties

another Tenth Doctor breakdown by [personal profile] aimeekitty
another Ten breakdown

The Tenth Doctor's buttons, a breakdown by [profile] alumfelga
Ten's Buttons

another Third Doctor breakdown by [profile] stevericks
another Third Doctor breakdown

Twelfth Doctor breakdown by [profile] rose_thebadwolf
12th Doctor breakdown

New Doctor Who era UNIT Soldier breakdown by [profile] strollerman
New Who Era UNIT Soldier breakdown

New Who era: Costume Reference Pictures from the DW Exhibition in Cardiff: includes Nine, Ten, Rose, Martha, Donna, Lady Christina, Mercy Hartigan, Astrid Peth, Jackson Lake, and more by [profile] animated_angel
New Series Doctors & Companions Actual Costumes

New Who era: Supporting Characters & Others (Mickey Smith, The Sisters of Plenitude, SJS in "School Reunion", Tish Jones, Kathy Nightingale & Sally Sparrow from "Blink", Agatha Christie, Jenny from "The Doctor's Daughter", River Song from "SitL/FotD", Lady Christina De Souza, Jackson Lake, and Oswin Oswald) Breakdown by [profile] rose_thebadwolf
Supporting Characters Breakdowns

Questions & Answers with/from Louise Page, Costumer Designer for New Who era Seasons 2, 3, and 4 by [profile] rose_thebadwolf
Louise Page Q&A

ALL Classic Companions Costume Indexes by [profile] umpteenthdoctor
Classic Companion General Costume Index


And if this community ain't enough for you, the mods highly recommend checking out [profile] crafty_tardis for niftykeen Doctor Who crafting fun. Crocheted Daleks and suchlike abound! This is a great comm for prop makers and those re-creating robots, Cybermen, Dalek, and Weeping Angels costumes, too. Of course, please read the rules on their user info/profile page first.

If you need any help with DW knitting, esp. the Fourth Doctor's scarf, do check out [profile] who_knits for all sorts of good knitting and related info. And please read their posting rules on the profile/user info page before posting.

A new Rose Tyler costuming & cosplay community is here:
[profile] rosetylercosply
No sales, as this is an information comm to assist all Rose cosplayers and costumers. Please read the rules on their user info page before joining and posting.

If you're looking specifically to buy or sell Rose Tyler costuming items, visit [profile] rtyler_cosplay - please read their profile and rules re: selling before posting.

And if you're looking for more info on Amy Pond costuming and cosplaying, have a look at [profile] amypond_cosplay. As with any community, please read their rules on their user info/profile page first.

If you need more info on Clara Oswald cosplaying and costuming, check out [profile] claracosplay ; please read the rules before joining.

If you're looking for content about Torchwood costuming, only, then check out [profile] tw_cosplay. Again, please read their profile and rules before posting.

The Tardis Wardrobe has some great picture references and retailer/brand name IDs for the New series of Doctor Who: [profile] tardis_wardrobe.

And, because they let me plug this community on theirs, bighugethanks to [community profile] doctorwho - the mod assumes you're already a member, dear reader. :) This is the catch-all comm for DW'verse info, including graphics, retail info, chatting, meta, fanfic, etc.

[profile] dwicons is one of the best LJ Doctor Who comms to locate icons or avatars to bling up your posts here. :) Please don't forget to save the icons to your own computer and always credit with use. Here's a link to how to credit:

Another way to find icons, wallpapers, fics, discussion, and everything non-costuming/non-cosplay about Doctor Who is in the announcement newszine community of [community profile] who_daily . [community profile] torchwood_three serves the same purpose for Torchwood fans. And [community profile] soniclipstick is the daily newszine for Sarah Jane Smith.


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